Going freelance: a gut-wrenching leap

After a couple of years out of university, I’ve made the terrifying, gut-wrenching decision to go freelance. 

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, the catalyst having been a talk on freelancing by made journalist Rosie Spinks at a workshop for women trying to find jobs by the organisation Chayn (for whom I was photographing the event). She explained that the highs are really high but equally the lows are so low. It’s not stable - and so some have pointedly told me. It’s terrifying.

I recently went to see the much-lauded La La Land after plans to see a free screening of Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge fell through, and I found myself experiencing that renewed lease of life that only a great film can conjure. It’s so easy to come out of university and be so desperate to get into work that you forget what it is you actually want in the first place. When your dreams are so ‘pipe’ that people seem to be constantly eye-rolling at you, it’s so easy to fall into something else and tell yourself you’ll pick it up later. 

But as cliched as it sounds, there is no later. There is only now and what you want and what you love. You gotta do this life right, now matter how scary it is. Wish me luck. 

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